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Gigi started out her artistic venues with sketching as a small child. During high school she furthered her interests by taking fine arts, and at the encouragement of her instructor went onto a commercial arts class. After high school Gigi worked within the culinary field where she worked as a sauté, fry, and prep cook for fine dinning.

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During the 1990's she started back with her sketching, and also began to get interested in crafts. By the beginning of 2003 Gigi began making dream catchers.

In 2003 Gigi's interests grew as she began taking pictures, writing poetry, and learning how to hand code, and create websites. Two of Gigi's photographs have been published along with several poems, and her poems have earned her the Award of Poetry Ambassador 2006.

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Poetry Ambassador Award 2006     Published photo certificate
Published Photo Certificate     Poetry Ambassador Award 2006

Editors Choice Awards     Editors Choice Awards
Editors Choice Awards for May, and August of 2006

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After designing a few of my own sites, and receiving awards for them I then tried my hand
at designing my own website award program both rated, and independant.

Here are some of the website that Gigi has designed.
Scottish Girl Genealogy
Gigi's Dream Catchers - Offline
Gigi's Dream Catcher Awards Program - Offline
    ratings websawards 7.5 ussag 2.5 AS 3 Olymp Award Index 2
Iron Wolf Artists - Offline
DragonFly Promotions - Offline
Spirit Creek
Rolling Thunder
RTAV Award Program - Retired
    Award Sites! rated 3.5; UWSAG Rated 'Alpha'

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