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Dream catchers have an extremely rich history among Native Americans.
They are used mostly for protection of small children as they sleep.
It is believed that if hung over the cradle that the child below while
they sleep there dreams will all be caught by the catcher, and that the
good dreams will be able to pass through and trickle down to the child,
and that the bad dreams will be trapped and dissipate at first mornings
light. Others believe that hung over the bed of anyone that the dream
catcher can be used as a guide in the belief that during the night while
asleep the dream catcher will only allow the dreams of guidance through
and protect the person from bad dreams that might send them down the wrong path.

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Dream Catcher 1
Dream Catcher 1

Dream Catcher 2
Dream Catcher 2

          Dream Catcher 3
          Dream Catcher 3

          Dream Catcher 4
          Dream Catcher 4

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My personal belief in the dream catcher is that it can be used for
anyone of any age for protection, and vision. One could hang them in
the four directions (east, south, west, and north) as a protection
of anyone in the home, or as I do over the head of my bed in a free
flowing position in the hopes of visionary guidance. When I make
these dream catchers it is always done with the purist of intent and
with a particular person in mind, even though I might not know who
that is at the time I make the dream catcher it is always revealed
to me soon after the completion.

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The materials I use when making these dream catchers are a metal hoop,
leather lace, beads, knitting thread, and feathers. I wrap the hoop with
the leather lace, and then I use the knitting thread to make the web in
the center. When that part is finished I then use either the thread, or
the leather lace for the leads hanging from the dream catcher that will
hold the feathers. Once theses leads are in place I secure them with the
beads, and knot the ends where some of the beads lye. Then I gentle place
the feathers by securing the tips of them through the holes of the beads.

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