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This award program is currently retired. I have left the site online for anyone
that wishes to view.

Welcome to the RTAVAP Awards Program.
Through out my travels and the making of my own sites I was fortunate
enough to receive many awards. Creating this award program is simply so
that I can say thank you to those webmasters that make surfing the net an
enjoyable experience.

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However this is not a give away award, those that apply must earn the award
by meeting all the criteria set forth in the program. I look forward to viewing
all of your sites, and I thank you for taking the time for viewing this one.

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The time that is involved in creating a website is endless. Always checking
to make sure everything within the site is working properly, add new content
to keep a site fresh, and just generally being willing to put yourself into
the content that appears. These are long hour that a webmaster spends in
creating their site.

Rolling Thunder Artistic Venue Award Program wishes to recognize this hard work by
creating this program, and offing awards for the webmasters hard work.

The purpose of this award program is to give recognition to those webmasters that
spend endless hours creating their presence on the net, and have created a friendly
and kid safe website that is enjoyable to the viewer.

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