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Sunsets are the Devine’s way of painting the sky, and sharing
one of her forms of art work with all life here on earth. I wish
to explain to you my thoughts on my artistic impression of
sunsets and why I love to photograph them.

When I look at the sunset I see the canvas on which the Devine
painted, all the vast amounts of color, and the way the color all
blends together. In the summer the red scales of color are vividly
rich and dramatically different one can see the heat painted with
in the sky. The blues are light and calming, it is almost as if the
blue is put there to cool one from the heat of the sun. The white
of the clouds, and the softness of the shapes in which they form
also add to this cooling affect, and with it adds a comfort, and a
release of imagination into the dream world. The never ending
circular shape of the sun and the yellow shades it is colored with
instantly provide me with inspiration and growth. All of these
elements in which I describe add up to a picture of infinite
perfection that I could gaze on forever.

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Click on the titles to view larger.

Photo titled Darkness Falls
Photo titled Darkness Falls

Photo titled Ghost
Photo titled Ghost

          Photo titled Rolling Skies
          Photo titled Rolling Skies

          Photo titled Sunset In Spring Time
          Sunset In Spring Time  

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No two sunsets are alike, and being able to capture a small few
so that I may look on them when perhaps my world is not at its
brightest allows me the privilege of remembering that there is
always artistic beauty around me that lifts my spirits, and
guide my existence.

The photo titled Rolling Skies was the picture that inspired
the name of the site. This photo is also incorporated into the banner.

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