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The scoring is based on a 100 point system. And the breakdown is as follows.

Content - 20% of total score (20 points)
Presentation of content - 5 points
Easy to read content - 5 points
Regularly updated content - 5 points
Back to top page link for long pages - 5 points

Navigation - 20 % of total score
User friendly navigation. Navigation bar on every page. - 5 points
All internal links opening in the same window
(with the exception of graphics) - 5 points
All external links opening in a new window. - 5 points
No need to use the back button on browser. - 5 points

Graphics - 20% of total score
Graphics displayed, and have a purpose. - 5 points
All graphics working properly - 5 points
All graphics having alt tags - 5 points
Graphic files not being to large that they make the
page load too slow. - 5 points

Design - 20% of total score
Are page layout set so the content flows smoothly - 5 points
Opening page say something about the sites content. - 5 points
Background images or colors that fit nicely with site - 5 points
Font size and color making it pleasant, and easy to read. - 5 points

My overall impression - 20% of total score
Did I learn anything? - 5 points
Did I enjoy my visit? - 5 points
Did I find the site pleasing to the eye? - 5 points
Did the site make me want to come back again to see what
might be new? - 5 points

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