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Judging Criteria

Items that will lower score (third visit)
1 - Slow loading pages due to overly large graphic files or to
much clutter on the page.
2 - Graphics without alt tags
3 - Missing graphics
4 - Broken links
5 - Internal links opening a new window
6 - External links that open in the same window
7 - Navigation menu that is confusing, and or all over the place.
8 - If I have to use my back button to return to a page.
9 - No contact information
10 - Pages that are extremely lengthy and or with no back to the top button.

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Issues, and items to increase score (third visit)
1 - Quality graphics with a clear purpose relating to the written content.
2 - Navigation menu that is easy to follow and allows the page of the
site to flow with ease.
3 - More than 5 pages of original content, and with the authors comments,
and feeling showing through on the subjects covered.
4 - Good page layouts (background, graphics, written content, and navigation
all laid out nicely and making the visit a pleasant one)
5 - Having an updates page, or letting the visitor know when the last update was.
6 - Having a date of when the site was created on the intro, or home page.
7 - Having a site map, and making it accessible from every page.
8 - Having an email link on every page.
9 - Having all pages titled and using meta tags.
10 - Having a page about the webmaster.

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My overall impression (final visit)
My final visit is solely on what I feel about the site, do I like it,
will I come back again, did I learn anything. Was I dazzled by your
concept for which you created the site.

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Websites with an award program
Sites that have an award program will be judged on the same criteria
as previously stated, and they must be able to win their own award.
Their award must also not be just a give away award.
Stand alone award programs may also apply, and will be judged by the
same criteria as posted within this program.

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