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Pre qualifiers (first visit)
1 - You must be the webmaster, and at least 18 years of age.
2 - You must read all the criteria, and disqualifiers set forth
in this award program.
3 - Your site must be in English. (Sorry it is the only language I know.)
4 - Your site must have at least five pages of real original content.
(links, guest books, blogs, ect..) Are not considered original content.
5 - Site must have a copyright visible on every page, and a copyright
statement that can be viewed from every page.
6 - If your site collects information from its visitors even if only through
email there must be a privacy policy viewable from every page, and your site
must comply with C.O.P.P.A.
7 - Sites must have an awards won page.
8 - Site must be family friendly, and viewable by all.
9 - There should be a way to contact you within the pages. Email link is fine

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Disqualifiers - (second visit)
1 - Site that violate any copyrights. (displaying someone else’s material
you must give credit to them)
2 - Sites without a privacy statement, or that comply with C.O.P.P.A
3 - Sites that are not viewable by all audiences. ( I am an artists so nudes
done in the artic fashion are acceptable but no pornography will be accepted)
(no violence)(no fowl language)
4 - Sites that discriminate against color, race, religion,
or promote hatred in any way.
5 - Sites that promote illegal activities in anyway.
6 - Sites with any broken internal links.
7 - Sites with more than 5 broken external links.
8 - Sites with more than 2 graphics not loading.
9 - Flash intros with no skip option.
10 - Sites with music and no way to turn it off.
11 - Sites that crash my browser.
12 - Sites with no navigation menu.
13 - Sites that have the right mouse click disabled
14 - Sites with under construction signs, or coming soon signs
15 - horizontal scrolls in a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
16 - Your loading time should be reasonable quick.
No more than 60 seconds with a 56k modem.
17 - visible coding errors viewable on pages
18 - Banner, and pop up windows with no real purpose.
( an exemption will be made for those imposed by free server sites)
19 - Sites must not be made of pre made layouts like used
in site builders for free sites
20 - Sites that require me to sign a guest book, or force downloads on me

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