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Site Checks
Your sites load times and links will be checked using Dr. Watson Version 5.1.
If you would like to check your page before applying click here. Dr. Watson

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Review process
After receiving your application I will notify you that the application
has been received and then, I will visit your site and check it to make
sure it meets with the pre qualifying criteria which is set forth in this
program. If your site passes through the first visit I will visit your
site a second time and check it against the disqualifying criteria set forth
in this program. If your site is not disqualified then I will make a third
visit where I will look in depth at all the scoring criteria and apply it to
your site and total up the first 80% of your score. After that part of the
score is totaled I will then make my final visit to your site, and score it
on my impressions such as. Did I learn anything? Did I enjoy my visit? Did I
find the site pleasing to the eye? Did the site make me want to come back
again to see what might be new? This part of the score is 20% of the total
score. Once all the elements of scoring is done I will then contact you with
the results.

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Review time
The review time starting with the receiving of your application to notifying
you of the results can take as little as a week to as long as a month. It will
depend on how many sites I have up for review. If the process is going to be
longer than a month you will be notified.

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An applicant may reapply for an award after 60 days. An applicant can apply
for an upgrade after 60 days

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