Award Program

Information Items
Intro - Opening comments, and purpose of award program.
Main Site - Hoe page of the main site of Rolling Thunder Artistic Venue.
Evaluator - About the evaluator.
Site Map
Resources - Helpful notes to other webmasters, and links for designing websites.
Memberships - RTAVAP memberships, and ratings.

Stage 1 - Prequalifiers, and disqualifiers for attaining an award.
Stage 2 - Judging criteria for attaining an award.
Stage 3 - Scoring, and special notes for attaining an award.

Review & Apply
Process, Time, & Reapplying
Notifications - Notifications, and feedback for award program.
Self Test
Status & Statistics

Scoring Scores needed to attain an award.
Award Graphics
Posting Award

Gold Winners
Silver Winners
Bronze Winners

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